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Ronald Wolk

Dr Ronald Wolk | Orthodonic Specialist in Calgary, Canada

Ronald Wolk's Bio:

Dr Ron Wolk was born in 1951 in Winnipig, Manitoba, Canada. Dr. Ronald Wolk interest in the dental profession began in his years in high school. His mentor was Dr. Morley Bernstein who treated him when he was a boy. He eventually graduated from the Faculty of Dentistry in 1974, University of Manitoba. Dr. Ronald Wolk's work was restorative and endodontics therapy within the scope of his general practice. Dr. Ronald Wolk realized eventually that he need to improve his education and become an orthodontic spaecialist. He graduated with a Diploma in Orthodontics in 1977 and a Masters of Science in Anatomy in 1978.

Ronald Wolk's Education:

Ronald Wolk's Interests & Activities:

Dogs, Fine Dining, Music, Volunteering.

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